Garage door issues are a reality of having a garage on your property. Whether major or minor, it’s important to know what problems require immediate repair and which ones can be scheduled for a later date. Luckily, we can help you get started by diving into some garage door issues that need immediate repair.

4 Garage Door Issues That Need Immediate Repair

There are plenty of garage door issues that require professional repair services, but a few notable ones need them immediately. Here are four garage door issues that need immediate repair as soon as they occur:

1. Broken Springs And Cables

Broken garage door springs and cables are one of the most dire garage door issues that need immediate repair. Wear and tear from usage and the passage of time, poor installation, rust, and lack of lubrication are just a few factors that can lead to garage door springs and cables suddenly snapping. When this happens, you need to call a garage door repair technician right away. Allowing these parts to remain broken will risk damage to your garage door.

2. Unbalanced Garage Door

A balanced garage door is a functional garage door. As a result, an unbalanced garage door can be a serious danger to your property and other people. Misaligned tracks, askew framing, and many other things can result in an off-balance garage door. If you suspect that your garage door is unbalanced, either perform a balance check yourself or call a garage door technician to do it. If it turns out that you have an unbalanced garage door, seek repair services immediately to avoid further damage and injuries.

garage door issues that need immediate repair unbalanced

3. Garage Door Won’t Open Or Close

A garage door that refuses to open or close can sometimes be fixed with some troubleshooting. Unfortunately, there are times when troubleshooting isn’t enough to restore a garage door to working order. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to call a garage door technician to determine the root cause.

Before you call a technician, there are a few troubleshooting tricks worth trying. First, you can check if the safety sensors need to be cleaned and/or realigned. Then, you should see if the remote, keypad, and/or opener need new batteries. Finally, see if there’s any grime or debris trapped in the tracks and rollers, as that can keep your garage door from moving. If none of these tips work, call a technician.

4. Safety Sensor Issues

Speaking of safety sensors, you need to call for help if it seems that your garage door issues are related to this feature. More specifically, if cleaning and realigning the sensors doesn’t help, call a technician. Putting off calling for assistance with safety sensor issues can increase the likelihood of an accident happening that can lead to a damaged vehicle or a personal injury. The sooner you call a garage door company, the less likely it is that you will have to deal with either worst-case scenario.

For Your Garage Door Issues That Need Immediate Repair, Call Same Day Garage Door Repair!

We hope that knowing these four garage door issues that need immediate repair will allow you to prioritize when to call for help right away and when to schedule for a later date. If you’re wondering which garage door repair company in Spring, Texas, is best equipped to handle these issues at a moment’s notice, you’re in luck. Our Same Day Garage Door Repair team employs the best garage door technicians in the industry who will promptly perform any repairs you need. All you need to do is contact us today for our stellar garage door repair services.